Property management you can trust in Auckland

We have the expertise to get you the best price on your rental property
Trust is an important factor when you are renting a property. At Arrow Property Management Limited, we understand what tenant costs are and what the owner's responsibilities are, making for a smooth transaction process between both parties. We can also ensure rent is paid weekly or fortnightly from tenant and forward to the owner via electronic transfer monthly.
We want the best possible tenant for your property.
We conduct a very thorough process to select tenants for your property.
This includes credit checks, reference checks, employment checks, search of National Tenancy Database for tenancy breaches, just to name a few.
All rent receipts are processed daily.
Rather than finding out at the end of the month your rent payment maybe short, owners are contacted straight away so you have time to put other options into place to cover mortgage payments.
We invoice tenant for water rates and reimburse the owners (at no cost) at same time as rental payments made. 
Signing a rental agreement with property maintenance in Auckland

We do more so you don't have to

Most people don’t want the hassle of finding tenants and maintaining a property they don’t live in. Let Arrow Property Management Limited, Auckland, take the stress out of the whole property management process. We carry out inspections out every 4 months with a report being sent to the owner, most other agencies only inspect every 6 months. This will ensure any damage or maintenance required is caught before it becomes a serious problem. We follow up and arrange any maintenance required from inspections but contacting owners prior to the maintenance being carried out for permission unless it is a health and safety issue. This gives you the option to do or orgainse the work yourself if you choose otherwise we send monthly statements with copies of any maintenance invoices via email or post.


Tenant vetting, tenant screening, tenant finding, relocations, property management, maintenance and follow up court procedures if necessary. Our property management services are available across Auckland, Pukekohe, Huntly, Cambridge, Morrinsville and Invercargill.

Costs involved

  • 7.5% Management fee deducted off rental received
  • 7.5% Management fee on maintenance charges
  • $40 per inspection fee
  • No charge for end of tenancy inspections and showing prospective tenants the property
  • No charge for seeking water rates reimbursement
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